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Jean Antrim, Flute Sales Consultant

Flute Sales

All instruments seen on this page, new and used, are made in America.
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New Instruments

New Armstrong 800B flute

Armstrong 800B Flute

Armstrong 800B, made in America, All Silver, Gold Embouchure plate, and head cap, B Foot, French open Holes, in line G Key, gorgeous tone.  This is a wonderful, professional move-up flute.

New discounted price, $1,425.00 (below retail), no tax, free shipping, and includes a 1-year factory and store warranty.

New Brio! B3 Flute

BrioB31 BrioB32

With American-made Dana Sheridan Head joint and silver keys, All Sterling Silver, offset G key Gizmo, and 1 year factory warranty.

These BrioB3 flutes with the original Dana Sheridan Head joint are no longer available, and I have the only 2 remaining of these wonderful flutes.  They are now on sale for $3,999.00, no tax or shipping.  Grab one while they last.  These fine flutes won't last so please call ASAP.

Call Jean at 978-675-5098 or contact me via Email.

Contact me via email here: if interested.

Used Instruments

I have very good quality used instruments, both flutes and piccolos for sale, examples of which are listed here.  Keep in mind that used instruments do not have warranties or return privileges.

Armstrong Flute, Artist level Model #104

armstrong model 104

Very professional sounding and playing, closed hole, C foot, silver plated.  Can be an only flute or a very fine backup instrument.  This classic Armstrong, made by fine builders is definitely a find and a bargain.

Completely overhauled, some plating blemish on lip plate, but non-functional and is to be expected on this older but goodie flute.  Price is $450.00 no tax, $15.00 shipping.  Grab this one, it won't last, Christmas is coming, what a great gift this is!

Armstrong C Piccolo

armstrongCpiccolo1 armstrongCpiccolo2 armstrongCpiccolo3

Another “Oldie But Goodie!”  Made in America in the 70’s.  Armstrong C Piccolo, composite body, Sterling Silver headjoint, excellent tone, easy playing, conical bore, all repadded and overhauled, in original case, with cleaning rod.  Clean and ready to go!!

Call Jean at 978-675-5098.  Price is $375.00 no tax, no shipping.

Gemeinhardt C Composite Piccolo

gemeinhardtCpiccolo1 gemeinhardtCpiccolo2

Gemeinhardt C Piccolo, silver plated head joint, composite body, made in the 70’s, all repadded and conditioned, excellent tone, conical bore so can be used for marching band, concert band or orchestral playing, very versatile, in a nice original, hard case with cleaning rod.  (Slight cosmetic blemishing on the keys and head joint, does not affect the tone or playability.)

This is a great buy, on sale now!  Price $250.00, no tax, no shipping.  Call Jean at 978-675-5098 today.

Bundy Student flute

Used Bundy Student flute

Here is an “Oldie but Goodie” Bundy Student flute, in overhauled, like new condition, a wonderful flute for any aspiring beginner, in a new case, with cleaning rod and handstrap.  Plays the complete Flute range, with ease and perfect intonation!

Grab this one at the price of $300.00, no tax, $15.00 S & H - this one won't last!  Call Jean at 1 978-675-5098, or send an email.

A Journey of Discovery and Joy
Vintage Flutes for you

Experience the discovery and joy of playing, with one of these exquisite, Made in America, vintage Haynes instruments, produced during the “Golden Age of Boston Flute Making”.  The prices, despite rising prices everywhere else, are generously lower than most of the newer instruments, but will give you 5 times the value and joy.  They are made with true Sterling silver, and the Artistic craftmanship is meant to last a lifetime and more!!

Used Haynes Flute #45566


Haynes flute #45566 made in 1981 in America by the Haynes Company craftsmen from a bygone age.  A really fine, sweet, pure-toned flute.  It has a B foot, an inline G key, all Sterling (.925) Silver, handmade, open French holed keys, and will please all levels of discriminating players!

This lovely flute is fairly priced at $4,900.00, no tax, $20.00 shipping.  Call Jean at 1-978-675-5098 today!

Please consider one of these vintage Haynes instruments before you look any further, you will truly discover a Treasure!

Contact me via email here: ;

Classy Pure Silver Selmer Flutes

Please consider stepping up to a Classy Selmer Flute!  Made by the early Selmer Co, intended for Professional players, but can please all levels of Flutists!!

Selmer "Omega" Hand Made Sterling Silver Flute

Selmer-Omega1 Selmer-Omega2 Selmer-Omega3

Engraved Gold Lip Plate, all Sterling Silver, B Foot, with useful Double case for a Piccolo.  This Exquisite flute with it's bright sound, wonderful tonal color and projection, is ideal for either the professional or advanced adult player.  Overhauled, in excellent condition.  It is pitced at A440.  This flute had the distinction of being made and protected from sale below it's determined price, made during the 1980’s to middle ’90’s by the Selmer Company.  It was a “proprietary” designation.

Note: The Selmer “Omega” line was a proprietary line offered to particular dealers, as a step-up intermediate flute, made and sold as early as the mid 1980’s thru the 1990’s.  The proprietary line was first established so Internet stores couldn’t sell them (this device was used by other companies as a value protection), and some companies today still have proprietary lines as well as current production.

An unusual feature of this fine Silver flute is that it has a heavy wall thickness of silver and is .014” which gives it an added tonal depth in the 3 registers.  So it is a bit heavier in weight.

Spring Sale priced at $750.00, no tax, no shipping.

Call Jean asap as this beautiful flute won't last here for long.  978-675-5098

Please consider one of these beautiful Selmer instruments.

Contact me via email here: ;

I also have a few pre-owned, completely overhauled C flutes and piccolos for sale.  No tax on any of these instruments, and shipping cost is $15.  They are all American made, and designed by Artist Technicians to last and play musically.

Contact me via email for further info and sales.  Pictures upon request.

Please note: I am a small operation, and I don't take used instruments in trade, or resell used flutes and piccolos to sell new instruments.  I can, however recommend consignment opportunities for prospective customers to explore on their own.  Gold flutes can be provided by personal request.

It has come to my attention that a name brand Asian flute company which markets high end Sterling Silver flutes in the $4,000.00 range is also selling plastic, aluminum anodized flutes with plastic keys for $800.00 to over one thousand dollars!  These flutes play badly, are not repairable, and are basically toys.

They are being sold at one of the last remaining large, nationwide Music Chains.  One was recently purchased in their store by an innocent student's parent in New Jersey.  Some also come in colors, and are basically junk!

Buyers please beware!

When you buy a flute from me, payment for new instruments may be consummated by use of credit card, cashier's check or postal money order.  Used instruments, or instruments personally owned by me, may be paid for by use of credit card, PayPal®, cashier's check or postal money order.

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